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Department of Anthropology

  • Anthropology graduates and faculty after commencement



The anthropology major is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to appreciate the cultural and biological diversity of humans and to apply their knowledge to a variety of career endeavors. 

There are many avenues that students can pursue to get anthropological training. What follows is a list of the common institutional pathways you can travel: 
  • Anthropology Major
  • Anthropology Major with Distinction
  • Minor in Anthropology
  • Medical Anthropology Minor
  • Cognate in Anthropology
  • Anthropology Cognate Course Level  

The Anthropology Department offers a general program leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree and a Research Track/Intensive Major leading to a Bachelor of Arts with Distinction in Anthropology and a Medical Anthropology Minor. Anthropology is a social science concerned with the study of humans within a broad context that includes the social and physical development of our species. The diverse discipline is divided into four main areas.

  • Cultural Anthropology is concerned with the comparative analysis of different cultures. 
  • Archaeology is the science that studies past people and societies through their artifacts.
  • Linguistic Anthropology involves the study of all forms of human systems of communication and how these systems mediate humans’ experience and engagement with the world.
  • Biological Anthropology includes the study of the physical nature and development of human beings, behavior and anatomy of nonhuman primates, and human variations.


The Major Requirements

You'll spend your first two years taking general education courses and sampling introductory courses in anthropology. You can explore the academic bulletin to get a full picture of the major requirements.

You can find a layout of required courses for a major in anthropology, including critical courses and suggested course sequence to ensure a clear path to graduation at the major maps repository.

The Medical Anthropology Minor

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