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College of Nursing

  • Dr. Swann Adams

Cancer Survivorship Center

Projects and Expertise

Dr. Swann Adams

  • Physical activity for breast cancer prevention 
  • Geographical information systems and cancer
  • Trauma and cancer outcomes 
  • Molecular testing in non-small cell lung cancer

Dr. Nathaniel Bell

  • Impact of comorbidities on patient outcomes following major trauma 
  • Access to post-acute rehabilitation services after injury 
  • Socioeconomic determinants of injury risk and recovery 
  • Quality metrics for evaluating trauma care

Dr. Jean Davis

  • Bright light to improve sleep disruption in breast cancer survivors
  • Yoga to improve sleep and breathing in patients with lung cancer
  • Impact of comorbidities in patients treated for breast cancer
  • Mechanisms underlying fatigue and disrupted sleep in persons with cancer

 Dr. Tisha Felder

  • Health disparities 
  • Access to cancer care
  • Cancer survivorship
  • Outcomes research

Dr. Karen Kane McDonnell 

  • Theoretically-based family-targeted intervention development and testing 
  • Mobile health technologies as an intervention delivery modality 
  • Lung cancer survivorship 
  • Lung cancer screening 

Dr. Bernardine Pinto

  • E-health interventions for young adult cancer survivors
  • Exercise interventions 
  • Peer mentoring 
  • Maintaining healthy lifestyles 

Dr. Karen Wickersham

  • Symptoms related to oral targeted therapy
  • Adherence to oral cancer therapy
  • Aging and cancer
  • Oncology clinical trials

Dr. Michael Wirth 

  • Sources of dietary inflammation and chronic disease risk, especially cancer
  • Health disparities
  • Cortisol levels and pattern on health outcomes
  • Effect of meditation on symptoms among cancer survivors

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